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Fit for the Gods

Great news! Veritas Magazine has accepted my second article: Fit for the Gods. 

This is the Introduction
Have you ever eaten in pitch dark, with bare hands, not knowing what exactly is on your plate? If you think deeply, you’ll recall this was you as a baby. Adults would call this “playing with food” but what you were experiencing was pure fun and discovery. Frans Vermeulen takes us on such a ride when he was ushered into a fine restaurant in The Netherlands with two other friends where the food was served in complete darkness. Frans discovered a lot of intriguing things that evening which changed his life for the better. Read the true story in the latest edition! (Veritas Magazine # 12, July 2012)


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Regelmatig verschijnen op dit blog artikelen over onderwerpen die mijn persoonlijke interesse hebben. Het is een verslag van het pad langs de ervaringen van persoonlijke groei.


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