I Choose Love

I Choose Love

Shawn Gallaway


I can see laughter, or I can see tears

I see a choice, love or fear What do you choose?

I can see peace, or I can see war

I can see sunshine, or I can see a storm

What do you choose?

Now I choose to live with freedom flying

From my heart, where the light keeps shining

I choose to feel the whole world crying

For the strength that we can riseabove

I choose Love

I choose Love

I can see sharing, or I can see greed

I can see caring, or poverty

What do you choose?

I can see gardens, or I can see bombs

I can see life, or death



Over Frans

Frans Vermeulen took his first spiritual footsteps in Australia at the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. Thereafter he focused as a writer on spiritual topics. Frans has interviewed some of today’s leading spiritual teachers, including Rananda, John de Ruiter, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robbert van den Broeke, Caroline Myss, Ton van der Kroon, William Whitecloud, dr. Sha, Robbert Moss, Olof Smit, Patricia Cori, Robert Tenzin Thurman, Eric Pearl and Gary Renard. His greatest love is what he regards as “the pure non-duality of A Course in Miracles.”
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