Under the Spell of the Curse

‘If there is a Mother Earth, then there is also a Father Earth,’ says Earth Father Olof Smit. He refers to the fact that there must be a balance between creation and action. ‘But the balance is totally upset. Look around you. It is five past twelve.’ As a documentary maker, Smit once dedicated his life to a better world. Now he does so as a curse doctor. 

In 1992 Olof Smit left the Netherlands for the interior of Surinam. He figured he went on an expedition which would last a few months at the most. ”That was my first mistake,” he says.
“The second one was that I made the journey outside the rainy season. A boat trip through the rain forest, which usually takes three days, lasted five weeks longer for lack of water and constantly having to carry the boat.”

‘At birth, every human being gets a protector’

In the village of his destination, his teacher was waiting for him and was of course aware that he would come (late). Through his interpreter, Smit asked the woman whether her husband was at home, and then he realized his third mistake. She was his teacher. ”It turned out to be an intense experience into African culture lasting for twelve years instead of the few months’ trip I had in mind.”

The woman appeared to be an exponent of the maroons or businengre. These West African slaves, who had fled from the plantations in the Seventeenth Century, settled down in the jungle of Surinam after their escape. ”Just imagine what that was like. One of them had a dream to flee into the Amazon basin. Then they arrived in a completely strange biotope, incomparable with Africa, where they knew neither the plants nor the animals. They had to learn everything anew and survived by intuition and their connection to the earth.”

Spiritual Healer
The grandson of a farmer, Smit was totally bewildered during his training when he got to know the unlimited possibilities of the Amazon. ”The real gold is not in the once-only cutting of the hardwood. The trees and plants offer a seemingly endless diversity of medicinal answers to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual complaints or symptoms.” Apart from the traditional African medicinal knowledge Smit gained, he also was trained as a spiritual healer.

Years later he seems to be the chosen one to spread the traditional medicinal knowledge to the West – including a spiritual therapy. As a herb doctor, he works with curative medicine, mainly to fight symptoms that are being caused by accidents. As a spiritual healer, it is his task to prevent somebody from falling ill. ”Like the doctors in ancient China only got paid when there were no sick people in the community, the spiritual medicine man is someone who sees in time that somebody is contracting something virally, bacterially, emotionally or in any other way, which after some time will give rise to a complaint or symptom. People in such communities reach an average age of 80 years – dancing life. That does not occur because of clairvoyance, but by seeing in time. A healer gets a dream – up to three times, depending on the urgency – which allows him to take precautions.”

His teacher once saw in a dream an unborn child of seven months in a breech presentation. ”At seven months’ pregnancy, the soul enters the womb and with it the God-given talent, the spirit which determines the direction of the child. So when it had been a carpenter in previous lifetimes, as was the case with this child, it will find its way back to the carpenter again. In the West we also say that we hope the child will find its way. In Surinam they know this by birth.

”On the way to the village where the mother was living, we passed the carpenter, and my teacher told him that his successor would come by in two and a half years. The soul had already revealed to her that the unborn child would find its way there. On arrival the mother received treatment in a festive entourage. The next day the child had tilted, and no caesarian was needed. An interesting detail in this story is that some three years later I saw the child and its family arriving at the carpenter. It was full of enthusiasm and never could be dragged away there.”

‘The trees and plants offer a seemingly endless diversity of medicinal answers to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual complaints or symptoms’

”What happens is that the soul enters the womb at seven months’ pregnancy and can see if, for example, generation curses enter along. In that case the child, will tilt so that there is a complaint, visible for the family. They call a spiritual healer who often already has had a dream and meets with the family to ask God to tilt that heritage and transform it into protection. The next day the soul will be quiet and turn back. If the soul enters along with this misery before seven months, the baby will die.”

Tilting is a word that is also mentioned in a different context during the conversation and because of which clients commonly call Smit a curse doctor. As a spiritual healer, he knows by inspiration or intuition what somebody has contracted because of a curse. That helps him to make the diagnosis in time. ”Inspiration comes from spirit, the soul, the instinctive mind of a client. Then I can take measures or give advice to prevent the complaint or the disease.”

Traditionally a curse is ”a weapon that hits and hurts as infallible as an arrow or a sword.” A curse was of old solemnly preached by the church, and the established view was that it brought calamity. ”The church,” says Smit, ” also encouraged people to banish those being cursed from the family and the community.” In the spiritual world, a curse is better known as a spiritual blockade.

“Spiritual blockades may come from this life, a past life, or a heritage. In the West we know the heritage blockade: eternally banned or cursed.” He refers to the period around the Eighteenth Century. ”Who was allowed to marry who had, until that time been determined by families in close communities. Religion prohibited a mixed marriage. Bride and groom had to belong to the same religion. The church would not bless other bonds and put pressure on the community to ban such ungodly individuals.”

With the rise of the towns, the close communities faded into the background, and the possibility arose of having a civil wedding instead of a church wedding. But that didn’t change the curse. For it was eternal, and practically meant eternally unprotected; it passed from generation to generation.

Forbidden Fruit
At birth, every human being gets a protector. Smit explains that this is a God-given energy field to protect us from misery. ”The church knew that this energy field may tilt toward misery when people run away from power. In that case a manipulated protector or spiritual blockade, also called a curse, arises. The function then changes from constructive to destructive. Instead of protecting from misery, it creates misery.”

In the West the knowledge of how to break through spiritual blockades has been lost. ”Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we are capable of many things, however, healing spiritually …” he describes an individual in this unprotected condition as susceptible, wide open to contract misery. ”But as if that is not enough, such a person is also attacked by his own reversed protector. Not when an individual survives, but each time he is happy with himself, others, and his work, the blockade will remind him that he is a forbidden fruit from a once forbidden society.”

Nobody, so the Judeo-Christian tradition teaches us, is entitled to forbidden fruits. Of course this began with Adam and Eve. Such a person may live, but not in the garden of Eden. He may only develop a sense of happiness by the grace that he or she can make others happy. But the tilted energy field will time and time again put a stop to the happiness of that individual himself.

Achilles’ Heel
Apart from the family heritage blockades, old souls during their growth process also take over the blockades of the other family members. At around eight years of age, those old souls at night put their bedroom door wide open for generations of deceased family members which cannot reincarnate. In short: during the day such an old soul is responsible for the burdens of the living and at night for the deep grief of the deceased. Eventually this leads to all kinds of symptoms. ”And that is a good thing,” Smit continues. ”For it gives rise to a search for healing of themselves and the earth.”

A spiritual blockade leads to different symptoms for different people. ”But everybody has an Achilles’ heel. That’s where the blockade points its arrows. The loss of energy depletes the immune system and leads to complaints like restlessness, bad sleep, conflict between feeling and intellect, confusion, tension, indecisiveness, discouragement, depression, and depersonalization.”

Fortunately not everybody carries a curse. Smit divides the world population into forty percent young and sixty percent old souls. ”In families, every other generation an old soul is born. This soul takes on the responsibility, the family curse. These souls have had more lives and life experience than the other members of the family. Fortunately half a percentage of these old souls – approximately twenty million people world wide – is ‘cursed’ with what I call a human helping factor. For these usually are healers, coaches, or artists. Whether they really become this at a later age or not, they remain inspired souls with varied talents which they want to put into service time and time again to help people.”

‘Inspiration comes from spirit, the soul, the instinctive mind of a client. Then I can take measures or give advice to prevent the complaint or the disease’

Their Own Healer
Old souls come to Smit for treatment because apart from great stamina and boundless resilience, they also possess a good share of integrity, responsibility, and curiosity. But mainly because of an overdose of innate wisdom – wisdom from the soul from many lifetimes. That enables them to go the long road that is necessary to break the spell of the curse. Smit does not remove the curse but reverses it to protection.

”In case of a generation curse, I can reverse it through the one responsible for the family to all generations: both with the living and the deceased, the order will have been restored. And the protector remains also for generations to come.” Smit is not like the priest from the past. Somebody who is indispensable for bringing about contact with God. He says modestly, “The reversal of the curse does not happen by me but through me. The responsibility of the physical, the emotional, and the mental is with the individual, and that knowledge is present. The responsibility for the spiritual is not with the individual but with spirit. As an intermediary, I explain to the carrier of the curse what is weighing on his mind. Call it the awakening of spiritual awareness.”

People with a curse experience life as survival. The symptoms of physical, mental, and emotional stress can even worsen after the reversal of the curse toward protection. ”Once protected, the hidden emotions, physical tiredness, and mental commotion wake up to leave the system. The individual then becomes his or her own healer,” says Smit.

Inner Peace
After some three weeks, the beginning of inner peace arises, and one will sleep better. In the following six to nine months, the energy household recovers. With the rise of the energy level, the quality of the immune system will also improve, so that the body acts preventively against viral and bacterial invaders.

‘The responsibility for the spiritual is not with the individual but with spirit’

Smit also treats at a distance. That works as follows. The soul, the intuitive mind which wants to have the individual happy and healthy, ”travels” to Smit to give information. Afterwards, Smit sends this soul information by email so the client can make himself familiar with it consciously. ”By the way,” Smit says, ”the souls which have a relationship with the client, such as those of family members, partner, and children, travel along with the client’s soul – also to provide information.”

The communication between the soul and curse doctor Smit involves even more than spiritual blockades. The soul also passes knowledge and insights about developing talents, about possible other blockades, and about such things as relationships souls had with each other in past lifetimes. The soul advises about blockades, how they arise, and what remedy can best be applied with regard to them, regularly or alternatively. ”I cannot mend anything. That is God’s work, or like they say in Surinam: ‘He who has made everything and is infinite.’”


Journalist Frans Vermeulen took his first spiritual footsteps in Australia with Margaret McElroy from the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. Thereafter he focused as a writer on spiritual topics. Frans has interviewed some of today’s leading spiritual teachers, including Rananda, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Caroline Myss, Patricia Cori, Robert Tenzin Thurman, and Gary Renard. His greatest love is what he regards as “the pure non-duality of A Course in Miracles.”

The Veritas Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4, August/September 2011.


Over Frans

Frans Vermeulen took his first spiritual footsteps in Australia at the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. Thereafter he focused as a writer on spiritual topics. Frans has interviewed some of today’s leading spiritual teachers, including Rananda, John de Ruiter, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robbert van den Broeke, Caroline Myss, Ton van der Kroon, William Whitecloud, dr. Sha, Robbert Moss, Olof Smit, Patricia Cori, Robert Tenzin Thurman, Eric Pearl and Gary Renard. His greatest love is what he regards as “the pure non-duality of A Course in Miracles.”
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