Heat or eat crisis in UK

Quarter of British People Skip Meals to Heat Their Homes. The ordinary citizen is paying for a banking crisis they did not create.

One in four families in Britain are skipping meals to meet their fuel costs. The worrying statistic revealed by new research, has uncovered the true scale of the so called “heat or eat” crisis. The average energy bill for british families has now hit a record of £1,318, as energy companies rise prices by up to 12%. This is forcing families to cut back on essentials. The “heat or eat” dilemma is becoming one of the most toxic issues for the coalition government as it battles to convince the public it is on their side when it comes to curbing the power of the energy giants. Founder of poverty charity Z2K, Reverend Paul Nicholson says the problem goes beyond energy companies, to the heart of the government’s spending cuts.


Over Frans

Frans Vermeulen took his first spiritual footsteps in Australia at the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. Thereafter he focused as a writer on spiritual topics. Frans has interviewed some of today’s leading spiritual teachers, including Rananda, John de Ruiter, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robbert van den Broeke, Caroline Myss, Ton van der Kroon, William Whitecloud, dr. Sha, Robbert Moss, Olof Smit, Patricia Cori, Robert Tenzin Thurman, Eric Pearl and Gary Renard. His greatest love is what he regards as “the pure non-duality of A Course in Miracles.”
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    There have been a raft of measures introduced in recent years to help people cope with financial cost of cold weather, and over 12.3molder people will benefit from winter fuel payments this year, totalling about £2.7bn. Already the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has paid out an additional £260m this winter to families under the cold weather payment scheme, which grants £25 a week to some vulnerable households when – as has happened across the UK – the temperature falls to zero for seven consecutive days.

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