Do You Believe in Life after Birth?

Is there life after birth?

Two baby twins are inside a mother’s womb. One asks the other:

– Do you believe in life after birth?
– Yes, sure. There must be something after birth. Maybe we are here because we should prepare for what we will be after that moment.
– Nonsense! There is no life after birth. How do you suppose it to be?
– I don’t know for sure… there will be more light than here.  Maybe we will walk by our feet and will feed by our mouth.
– This is such an absurdity! Walking is impossible. And eating by the mouth? Simply ridiculous. We feed by the umbilical cord. I tell you: life after birth is inconceivable. The umbilical cord is just too short.
– And yet I believe that there should be something, even if it will be different somehow to what we are accustomed to.
– But nobody has ever come back from the hereafter. Birth is the end of life. And what is life all about? Only a sad existence in the darkness, leading to nowhere.
– Well, I don’t know exactly how it will be after birth, but I’m sure that we will see the mom, and she will take care of us.
– Mom? Do you believe in the mom? Where do you think she is?
– Where? She is all around us! We live through her. Without her all this world would not exist.
– Well, I cannot believe it! I never saw a mom, therefore the logic says she doesn’t exist.
– Right, but sometimes, when we are in silence, you can hear her singing or feel her caressing our world. You know, I think there’s a real life waiting for us and now we are only preparing for that…

(~ Written by a member of Self Realization Fellowship~)


Over Frans

Frans Vermeulen took his first spiritual footsteps in Australia at the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. Thereafter he focused as a writer on spiritual topics. Frans has interviewed some of today’s leading spiritual teachers, including Rananda, John de Ruiter, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robbert van den Broeke, Caroline Myss, Ton van der Kroon, William Whitecloud, dr. Sha, Robbert Moss, Olof Smit, Patricia Cori, Robert Tenzin Thurman, Eric Pearl and Gary Renard. His greatest love is what he regards as “the pure non-duality of A Course in Miracles.”
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