7 ways to get rid of “bad breath”, how to fix it

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Stop bad breath if it stinks, bad breath due to rotten teeth, and this omnivorous diet. How to fix it? Let’s see.

1. If it is because of teeth or gums Would have to go to the dentist first Please fix the causes of teeth and gums first.

2. If it is about food and tend to get pregnant often. Must fix food first Switch to a few simple foods and don’t eat more than 3 things per meal, it’s best ทางเข้า ufabet

3. Changed the food and there will still be mucus, old stains left in the stomach and digestive system. Slime and stains, these are toxins, which will not easily go away from the body. You try doing the detox for 3-4 days and the scent will improve.

4. Charcoal tablets are sold in pharmacies. Can help relieve bloating Try to buy it. Because in addition to helping to cure bloating already It also helps to deodorize in the abdomen as well.

5. Chlorophyll, a green substance of leaves, vegetables, grass. It is a wound healing and washes out the smell so good. He made tablets for sale (Chlorophyll Tablet), or you can use a simple method. Use gourd leaves or bitter gourd to juice and drink instead as well.

6. Vitamin B Complex, eat 1 Meth per day

7. Drink a lot of water, 6-8 glasses a day.