The secret of ” stem cell ” that women have to know!

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Did you know. The story of “stem cell” goes further than you think. Because today the storage of stem cells for the treatment of various diseases It is not necessary to keep it at birth alone. Today in the evolution of medicine it is possible to collect stem cells from their own fat. The story today, we have information from “Jiranya Prachaseree”, Executive Director of Craioviva (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a stem cell bank executive. That tells us the innovation of storing fat stem cells in a new way. Which in addition to bringing excess fat from the body to be store as stem cells. We can also store those fats for beauty. With fat injections to adjust the face shape and proportion as well. Because it benefits in many ways สมัคร ufabet.

When it comes to “stem cells” in the past, many people might think that it is far away. But now this is not the case. With the benefit of the treatment of disease Where stem cells can treat 85 ailments, and “stem cells” can also help in terms of beauty as well. I want to know, right? How can stem cells help me to be beautiful? But first, the girls You must first get to know stem cells.

“Stem cells”are natural or embryonic cells that are the origin of living organisms. It come from a mixture of males and females. Until combined into a cell that does not have a specific function That have to wait for stimulation and order from the body system To develop to act as one of the cells in our body.

Stem cells play a very important role in the healthy and sustainable wellbeing of the entire family. Which stem cell therapy can be use to treat disease. Treat symptoms of organ injury. And reduce the likelihood of loss of life for owners and family members. Stem cell storage can be divided into stem cells harvest from the embryo. And stem cells from mature human cells. The embryo is also morally forbidden. Because of what do you know? Because after stem cell extraction, it is necessary to destroy the embryo. While the mature cells obtained from the treatment itself. Therefore it is more acceptable

In the past, stem cells were collect from three sources: cord blood. Umbilical cord tissue And placental tissue But nowadays, stem cells are store in a new form. Is to collect from adipose tissue. However, the stem cells that were collect from each source. It has the ability to heal different diseases.

If it comes to collecting stem cells from adipose tissue It has advantages in terms of beauty with women like us. Mostly broken. Because when our liposuction comes out Can be introduce into the sorting process. And can increase the number of stem cells as need. We can inject stem cells to restore healthy skin. Make it look younger Can improve skin complexion. Which the result of the injection is without any risk ufabet online. Because it is our own fat stem cells It has 100% body compatibility, pain from one liposuction. But can be stored for many times. And can also bring the fat cells Come to revitalize the body for the better as well.

Stages of Fat Stem Cell Collection It starts with a plan for choosing to store fat. Each person has different fats. And exist in different areas But most women have fat on the abdomen, thighs and sides of the body. Which area will be store? The doctor will consider it yourself.

Concluded … the evolution of medicine in the collection of stem cells from adipose tissue. Suitable and beneficial to a woman who loves beauty and beauty a lot. Because we have eliminated excess fat. At the same time the fat that is sucked out Is our own fat. And able to make yourself beautiful as true and as safe as possible.

Well, I wrote it. I want to collect stem cells from fat right now. But anyone who is interest should study more information carefully before making a decision every time. Because the beauty and the risk. if they come together safety should be the most important, ladies, is that true ?